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Top Fifteen Indications Of A Bad hair Day

The Top 15 Indications You're Having a Bad Hair Day

15. A horrified Don King offers you his comb.
14. Like magic, your ponytail stays in place with no rubber band.
13. Head lice have formed a tenant's union and are demanding renovations.
12. Sparrows divebomb your head territorially.
11. During lunch hour, your hair robs a nearby convenience store.
10. Your hair gets caught in the vacuum cleaner and the ceiling fan --simultaneously.
9. Thumbs up from Dennis Rodman at last night's Bulls game.
8. You're selected as the next male cast member of "Friends."
7. Your date can't quite decide which one of the Little Rascals you resemble the most.
6. Rod Stewart, Lyle Lovett and Michael Bolton over at the next table pointing and laughing their asses off.
5. An hour before the square dance, and there's not an ounce of bacon fat to be found!
4. Three cans of hairspray and you *still* look like the flying nun.
3. To get to your office from the parking lot, you have to tack into the wind three times.
2. Someone mistakes your silhouette for Patti Labelle holding an umbrella.

and the Number One Indication You're Having a Bad Hair Day...

1. You spend the whole day fending off the advances of Ted Koppel's wife.

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Submitted on: 17 August 1998 by Sitra
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