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What Is A Mother

What Is A Mother?
Children answer the question:

"She knows what is important. That is why God asked her to be a mother."

A mommy is a wife. A mommy looks after children and she yells."

"A mother is the only one if she sings your favorite song it stops thundering."

"Mothers get mad if you use your brother's toothbrush but he doesn't care."

"If I forget to tell my mother I need my shepherd costume tomorrow morning, she finds one in the night."

"It is lucky that we have a mother because if we did not have a mother everything would be in a big, big mess."

Mothers look different from other women. Their hair isn't always done in the latest style, and sometimes, it isn't done at all.

A mother is a woman who can bake a cake with six other hands helping her and still have it turn out fine.

A mother's shoulders sometimes smells of sour milk, and if you are very observant, you'll notice safety pin holes in her clothes -- even her Sunday best.

Mothers frequently have runs in their stockings, likely as not, Junior didn't park his trike off the sidewalk.

A mother is different. She likes chicken wings and backs and the hamburger that is slightly burned -- things the kids and Daddy don't care for. She never takes the last chop on the plate, and she always saves the candy from the tray at the club to bring home to the children.

A mother may not have ulcers, but she has versatile tears. They show anger, weariness, hurt or happiness. Once, when Daddy forgot an anniversary, Mother cried. One Saturday, he brought home some chocolates when it wasn't even her birthday or anything, and she cried then, too.

A mother is someone who can repair the kitchen sink with only her hands -- after Daddy spent alot of time trying with tools and plenty of words we're not supposed to use.

When a mother dies, she must face Him with her record of accomplishments. If she's done a good job of caring for her children, she'll get the most sought-after position in heaven, that of rocking baby angels on soft white clouds and wiping their celestial tears with the corner of her apron.

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Submitted on: 13 May 1998 by Ropa
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