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Computer Pun

"I got a spiffy new computer at work today. My old computer would crash about 10-15 times a day. I think some days I managed to end up with less of a drawing at 5 than I had started with at 8.

We ended up selling that machine to Ulysses wife, Penelope. Seemed to suitor just fine. It’s still a myth-tery as to why the old one kept crashing. I said, "Ithacanfix it I would, but it’s the Odess-y thing, whenever I Troy anything, these Sirens keep going off."

Eventually, we found ourselves between a rock and a hard place: do we keep trying to fix it, or just Perseus a new one? Scylla to be concerned, but we were. Unfortunately we’d angered our Techno Greek, so when we got wind of a sail, he told us to go to Helen get it ourselves. Well, we ended up having to go shopping with only one eye open, and just prayed we wouldn’t get blindsided. Fortunately the Gods were smiling, and we got a great deal on a classic model that even included Lotos. Eats everyone up that I have it, that and the nifty screen saver with the Calypso number.

And so ends the epic of our great computer purchase."

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Submitted on: 20 October 1998 by Ropa
Joke ID: 1146

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